Hazel Sims

When I studied the British suffragette movement I became a feminist.

Hazel Sims


Specialty Areas

Education, Gender, Mentoring

About Me

Hazel Sims is a long-standing teacher in RMIT’s College of Business. Hazel is fascinated by the ways in which people acquire skills and has a strong interest in student’s learning experiences. She has won three Vice Chancellor teaching awards at RMIT in 2013 and 2015 for programs that enhance learning and in 2011 for teacher of the year. As artist and curator Hazel has managed exhibitions with RMIT students and the community. Some of which are “New ways of keeping the past alive”, 10 September – 5 October 2012, Queen Victoria Women’s Centre, Melbourne; “Art Relief Project, Queen’s Hall, Parliament House” 13-17 September 2010, at the Parliament of Victoria; and “Art Relief Project 331+” 19-20 September 2009 Traralgon South Community Hall, supporting families of the Black Saturday bush fire.


Hazel Sims completed a Bachelor of Arts in public relations and Master of Arts in politics and government at Edith Cowan University. She completed a Cert IV in Training and Assessment and a Graduate Diploma of Industrial Education and Training at RMIT University. She is undertaking her PhD at The Centre for People, Organisation and Work (CPOW) within RMIT University’s College of Business, Melbourne, Australia. CPOW explores themes of fairness, equity and justice and focuses on issues such as skills, gender and diversity. Hazel has been working on the suffragettes in women’s history for the past five years, concentrating on relational autonomy as feminist theory to retell the women’s own stories allowing their voices to be listened to today.

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