Erica Gurner

See nature, see self in nature, see nature in wellbeing and sustainability

Erica Gurner

Experiential Facilitator and Consultant Specialising in Nature and Wellbeing

About Me

Erica is a specialist in nature and wellbeing. She founded the education and development consultancy HumaNature Connect through which she facilitates deep learning experiences for organisations and groups that help them to address wellbeing and environmental sustainability in interconnected ways.

Erica’s unique expertise is grounded in a 14 year working background in genetics research, bush and adventure therapy, experiential learning, community mental health and community development. She has worked widely with Local Government, Schools, community groups, mental health groups, CALD and Aboriginal communities.

She is an engaging and passionate experiential guest speaker/educator with an ability to lead people into unexpected places of profound insight, hold them in this space and help them to make connections to their lives or work.

She has collaborated across sectors to deliver public and targeted workshops including: leadership development, inspiring speaking engagements and training for teachers.


Fellow of the Centre for Sustainability Leadership
Graduate Diploma, Experiential Learning and Development, (Wilderness Therapy & Youth)
Graduate Diploma, Education Secondary
Diploma Outdoor Recreation
Certificate IV Training and Assessment
Bachelor of Science, Honours Genetics

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