Katie Brebner Griffin RN MPH

Katie provides a clear, informative voice on 'taboo' subjects.

Katie Brebner Griffin RN MPH

Lived Experience Consultant, Artist & Writer

About Me

Katie first appeared in the public sphere through appearing on the ABC’s award-winning documentary series You Can’t Ask That Series 3 Episode 1 – Survivors of Sexual Assault.

In the wake of sharing such a personal experience with a national audience, Katie’s creative moniker OHKDARLING was born out of a need to explore complex emotions and make them beautiful.

Katie has kept vocal on issues affecting members of the LGBTQIA+ community, sexual violence survivors, people experiencing mental ill-health and dynamic disability. Her writing has been published with multiple outlets and she has partaken in interviews and guest interview for news stations and podcasts in Australia and around the world.

A Registered Nurse with a Master of Public Health from The University of Melbourne, artist, writer and Lived Experience Consultant, Katie is an ambassador for living joyfully in a disabled, chronically ill body. With her reach across social media, Katie creates informative, engaging content centring around living with severe endometriosis and seeking happiness in fashion, art and food.


Bachelor of Nursing/Bachelor of Applied Science (Psychology) - Deakin University
Master of Public Health - The University of Melbourne
Lived experience of queerness, dynamic disability and gendered violence.

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