Tanya Wasylewski
Live life on your own terms.

Tanya Wasylewski

Life Coach, Writer, Speaker

About Me

Tanya is a life coach, writer and speaker. Through her coaching, workshops and writing, she helps people tease out their desires, get clear on how they want to feel, be and do, and then overcome their fear to turn it all into reality. 

Her strengths lie in supporting people who are going through big life changes and transformations, having a curiosity in exploring the different ways to ‘do’ life (picket fences and marble countertops ain’t for everyone), and a knack for teaching people how to set and achieve goals.

But more than that, she is a beach-loving, ukulele-playing yogi, who has a not-so-secret interest in astrology. When she’s not exploring the world, you can find her in Melbourne, Australia.


Life Coach - Beautiful You Coaching Academy Master in Communication - RMIT University

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