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Laura Murray

Associate Director - Planning and
PIA VIC President

Laura Murray

Associate Director - Planning and PIA VIC President

About Me

My path to planning commenced at a young age, growing up in an Ebenezer Howard inspired new town just outside of Glasgow, called Cumbernauld. My first full time job entailed assessing and approving house extensions, a mechanical process my father used to warn me against undertaking for a living. I can now demonstrate that this was a stepping stone to cutting my teeth on large scale projects in engineering, architectural and project management firms, as well as Government. My extensive experience led me to being recently re-elected as the Planning Institute of Australia (PIA) Victoria President. I endeavour to empower women in planning to similarly embrace opportunities through my position as Convenor of the PIA Women in Planning Network. I also feel I have a responsibility to use my expertise to promote affordable housing options for women and their children, and recently acquired a position on the Strategic Planning and Business Development sub-committee for Women’s Property Initiatives.


BA(Hons) Environmental Planning

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