Rebeccah Bartlett

Dedicated to reducing health disparities and promoting respectful maternity care.

Rebeccah Bartlett

Registered Nurse-Midwife

About Me

I am a Registered Nurse-Midwife and the founder of the Shifra app, a digital health product, designed to improve sexual and reproductive health access for refugee and migrant populations. Shifra is currently available in Arabic and English and available at

I am a passionate leader in reducing health disparities in underserved communities and promoting respectful maternity care. I have volunteered as a nurse-midwife in rural/remote Australia, the Philippines, PNG and the US. I currently work as a midwife and for Birth for Humankind, a charity that partners volunteer birth companions with women experiencing socio-economic disadvantage who are journeying through pregnancy and labour alone.

My research is grounded in the social ecological model and utilises both anthropological and geographic inquiry using a feminist lens. I employ human centred and strengths-based approach to all my work and practice ‘Lean’ methodologies in designing and evaluating the Shifra health intervention.


Master of Public Health
Graduate Diploma of Midwife
Master of Nursing
Bachelor of Arts (Hons.)

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