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Annual Reports

2016-2017: Stories that make us

Who doesn’t love a good story? Ours is one of collaboration, fierce determination, and hope. 

In this annual report, we’re looking back on the year that was, whilst turning the spotlight onto some of the people who make up our community. Each person flies the flag for gender equality in their own way. Some do it quietly and purposefully, by giving their time or financial support, whereas others shout the cause out from the rooftops.

By sharing their stories, we hope to inspire action and change the narrative for women & girls. No more barriers to wellbeing or glass ceilings. It’s time we were all equals.

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In March 2016, we commissioned a telephone survey of Trust supporters. Their decisive feedback showed that VWT is seen as outspoken, progressive and innovative, as well as strongly feminist, agile and independent. While this feedback is gratifying, it underscores that these traits exist only in an organisation if it is well governed and well led.. Staying true to our values, while allowing room for renewal, will see VWT continue to be a vital and influential force for the next 30 years, at a time when the girls engaging with our work today become the leaders of 2046.

Alana Johnson, Chair

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All of you who've been closely associated with the Trust during the last 30 years should feel proud...Some 538 projects have been pursued around gender equality, around anti-discrimination and hearing women's voices... You've established and followed decision making processes that demand integrity, respect and honesty, and that's the key to surviving... Don't fall back and say, 'nothing more needs to be done.' It does. It does.

Hon. John Cain, Former Premier of Victoria

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As we enter our thirtieth year of existence, it seems timely to reflect not only on the progress of the Trust over three decades, but that of women more generally. It's an exercise that is at once gratifying and sobering. The Trust's long term impact and effectiveness as an agent of social change is cause for celebration.

Duré Dara OAM, Former Convenor


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If ever there was a need for independent analysis that ran counter to the superficial, and often jaundiced, mainstream media reporting of the minority government led by the former Primer Minister Julia Gillard, then this was the time. If ever there was a need for someone to speak out and defend the position, skill and capacity of the first female Prime Minister in over a century of federal politics, then this was the time.

Mary Crooks AO, Executive Director

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To describe the Trust's year in just one word - relationships. This year we marked the very special 20 year partnership between the Victorian Women's Trust and Koorie Women Mean Business (KWMB). The celebration at the Melbourne Town Hall embodied the joyful, artistic nature of both organisations... And 20 years on, both organisations are still groundbreaking.

Dure Dara OAM, former Convenor


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If you would like to read a Victorian Women’s Trust annual report that isn’t listed here, please get in touch.
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The Victorian Women’s Trust continues to be a well-governed organisation in a strong female way. By that I mean collaborative, respectful, forthright and open. It has an exemplary external audit record and a record too of making judgments on how best to grow the organisation for the future.

Alana Johnson, Chair