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Stephanie Lai

Writer & Climate Change Educator

About Me

Stephanie Lai is a Chinese-Australian writer, occasional translator, and climate change adaptation specialist. Her areas of expertise are adaptation at the local level, community behaviour change for sustainability, and waste management. She has a particular interest in the impact and influence of traditional culture on attitudes to climate change education.

Stephanie is experienced in delivering detailed, action-oriented presentations on top-down climate change adaptations on any scale from community to local council. Stephanie can facilitate workshops in sustainability behaviour change in a variety of environments. She has delivered academic and pop-culture presentations at writers’ festivals and speculative fiction conferences.

Stephanie has published non-fiction pieces in Penciled In, Peril Magazine, Toast, Lifted Brow and Overland. Her short science fiction exploring climate change has appeared in a variety of venues including Crossed Genres, Review of Australian Fiction, and In Your Face.


Master of Science
Bachelor of Asian Studies
Bachelor of Commerce

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