Tamara DiMattina

Fairfax media call Tamara DiMattina “PR to The Planet”.

Tamara DiMattina

Founder and Director of Buy Nothing New Month and THE NEW JONESES

About Me

Fairfax media call Tamara “PR to The Planet”. Jan 2010 Tamara visited Dharavi, Mumbai’s slum, to see where ‘waste’ from the west goes to get recycled. March 2010, she visited Antarctica to study sustainability, returning to undertake a Fellowship at Centre for Sustainability Leadership.

2010 Tamara created Buy Nothing New Month, the ‘shopping detox’ campaign that receives global media coverage.

2012 she created The New Joneses, a living pop-up installation that inspires us to make everyday lifestyle choices that are good for us and our planet.
Buy Nothing New Month and THE NEW JONESES are taking green ‘from mungbean to mainstream’.

Tamara has featured on BBC Bristol, CH7 Sunrise, 774, ABC News, ABC Radio National, SBS News, Mornings with Sonia and David, The Age, Herald Sun, Sunday Life, and in books and publications on living a waste-free, conscious consumption lifestyle.


BA in public relations
Fellow at Centre for Sustainability Leadership
Fellow at AustralianProgress (linguistics and framing)

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