Charlotte Young

Facilitator, Cycles Awareness Coach, Writer

About Me

Charlotte is actively engaged as a cycles awareness coach, movement facilitator and writer, promoting body awareness, body acceptance and body positivity.

As women, knowing about the four main life phases that span our life inspires us to live well. Charlotte offers programs to support girls and women as they transition into two of the main phases​​ of their lives. Both programs are designed to foster body acceptance, cycles awareness, confidence, connection and sovereignty.

Charlotte has danced all her life and knows that embodiment practice is integral to experiencing a healthy relationship with the mind and body. She currently offers movement meditation classes to both adults and children.

Storytelling is her other passion, whether it’s telling the stories herself, or collecting them from others, words have power and she loves using them. She has written for numerous parenting publications and was the co-publisher of Barefoot Magazine for three years. She is the author of a book for breastfeeding mothers and a novel for young adults: “Ora’s Gold”.

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