Keran Howe

Executive Director of Women with Disabilities Victoria

About Me

Keran Howe is Executive Director of Women with Disabilities Victoria. Over many years Keran has represented issues related to both women’s health and people with disabilities in a various roles in both the health and disability industry. Keran has sat on numerous boards and committees and as a guest speaker, has spoken at conferences, forums and dinners advocating for recognition of the human rights of women with disabilities. Through her work she has instigated research, training and project development to understand and further improve the status of women and of women with disabilities in particular. Keran has a background in social work and is also interested in the use of psychodramatic methods in team building and organisational development. She is a qualified psychodramatist.



Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Social Work, Qualified Psychodramatist, Pscychodrama Institute of Melbourne

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