Angela Maguire

Director, Communications Consultant

About Me

A diverse career in communications and marketing across energy, engineering, telecommunications, financial services, politics, cosmetics, farming, retail and jewellery, means Angela know a little bit about a lot.

With the end of her marriage in her 30s, she moved back to her parents in outer western Sydney with nothing more than her children, wits and a truck full of furniture. Whilst looking for work, she identified a particular group of people in her community: highly educated, experienced and skilled women who no longer wanted to undertake the commute or long work hours in the city, but whose local employment opportunities were limited to retail.

Having nothing further to lose, Angela established The Gap Consultancy – a full-service communications agency that fills organisations’ communications and marketing gaps. Based in outer western Sydney, we now service clients in the Hawkesbury, broader Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne.

Angela is passionate about a variety of topics, including:
• Making technical information accessible to non-technical audiences
• Living and running a business in Western Sydney
• Feminism, business and talking money
• The changing nature of work
• Single parenting and relationships – how to divorce ‘well’


Master of Arts (MA), Science, Communication & Society 2006 – 2009, University of Melbourne
Diploma of Financial Services, 2007
Honours Degree, Social Science 2000 – 2001 - University of Technology, Sydney
Bachelor of Arts, Social Science 1996 – 2001 - University of Technology, Sydney

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