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Euphemia Russell

Pleasure Educator

About Me

Euphemia Russell is a trained and endorsed Sexuality and Pleasure Educator, and founded I Wish You Knew (@sex.wisihyouknew) to teach adults of all identities and bodies about communication, pleasure, and exploration.

– 1 x 60 minute talk or educational workshop = $450 + travel fees

– 1 X 90 minute talk or educational workshop = $650 + travel fees

– 1 X 120 minute talking or educational workshop = $850 + travel fees

Please feel free to get in contact with Euphemia via email for speaking opportunities.


- Trauma Informed Facilitation, Liz Scarfe, 2017
- Sex Educator Training, San Francisco Sex Information (SFSI), 2016
- Facilitation training, Cloud Catcher, 2016
- Sex Education Training, Australian Medical Students’ Association Academy, 2015
- Masters of Community Cultural Development, Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne University, 2012

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