Ishma Alvi

Woman, feminist, brown, queer, mother, ex-Muslim, psychologist, advocate, writer, artist.

Ishma Alvi


About Me

I am a psychologist and work primarily with anxiety and trauma (much of the trauma work being with women with a childhood and/or adult history of sexual assault). I have a separate business (The Consent Blueprints) which provides training and education (and where needed, policy and procedure) on consent-bedroom to boardroom.

I am also an ex-Muslim and provide advocacy and support in the area and have contributed to Sami Shah’s podcast and book (Islamic Republic of Australia). I write privately and separately from my psychology practice and advocacy. You can read my work on Medium.


Ishma Alvi
Senior Psychologist
B.A, M.A. Couns.Psych., M.A Clin Psych

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