Meg Perkins

Dr Meg Perkins, fighting for social justice, against child incarceration.

Meg Perkins

Psychologist, researcher, writer.

About Me

Meg Perkins is a psychologist who has worked with people involved with the criminal justice system since 1991. She sees imprisonment as a destructive process, impairing mental and physical health, the ability to pursue an education and to obtain employment, and breaking down family and relationship bonds. Meg believes that we should be fighting on many fronts to prevent imprisonment as much as possible. Children should not be subject to arrest and criminal charges at age 10. Her PhD was based on a study of Cultural Resilience on the island of Rarotonga in the South Pacific and she is now studying the difficulties that Aboriginal children have in Australian schools, resulting in high rates of exclusion.


BA (Sociology and Psychology)
BA Hons (Clinical Psychology)
PhD (Criminology, Community Psychology, and Cultural Studies)
Registered Psychologist AHPRA
Member APS

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