Helen Babb

Social change advocate & CEO, Yes Get It

About Me

Helen is an advocate for progressive social change and women’s leadership, with experience spanning Australia and the United States.

At 24, Helen decided to take her Australian law degree overseas to influence policy, politics and media in the United States. She started by working in U.S. Congress and then in advocacy, communications and PR on reproductive justice, LGBTI equality, economic and racial justice issues. Throughout this time she was a leader in women’s leadership and development organisations in Washington DC, specialising in community organising, program development and facilitation.

She now advocates and advises on inclusion, domestic and family violence, and accessibility issues in her role in Corporate Responsibility at NAB.

Helen is also the Founder and CEO of Yes Get It, offering digital and in-person programs to support self-aware, confident and powerful women to effectively manage transitions. Helen is an expert in creating safe communities and spaces for women who are making changes in their lives, from careers to relationships and beyond. Yes Get It connects women through workshops and events for businesses and the public.

In 2018, Helen was selected as one of Australia’s top young innovators by the Foundation for Young Australians to participate in their “Young Social Pioneers” program. She is a trained and experienced facilitator.


- Bachelor of Laws, University of Melbourne
- Bachelor of Arts, University of Melbourne

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