Lana Blue

Bodyworker, Cuddle Party Facilitator & Pleasure Activist

About Me

Lana has a really diverse skill set, and works with people across the gender spectrum, both one on one, in pairs, and groups, to help them feel more comfortable and relaxed in their own bodies, and to bring more joy and pleasure into their lives.

Lana is also an official Cuddle Party facilitator, and runs regular workshops both in Melbourne and regional Victoria.

Initially they saw a need within their own community for non sexual, consent based, touch welcome group space – and decided to create it. Doing the official Cuddle Party training in 2016, provided them with a whole range of extra skills, a format to work with and an accountability framework, it also connected them with an international community of people doing the same work. And luckily there was no need for them to reinvent the wheel!

In our society we are conditioned to think that touch happens between adults in an intimate sexual relationship and we often don’t even consider sourcing touch from other people without at least an underlying expectation or agenda of sexual connection.

We also often lack the language skills to ask for what we do actually want from someone else – and often are very uncomfortable or even unable to say no when someone asks us – or assumes – that we want or would welcome touch.

Lana is really passionate about de-constructing the link between touch and the expectation of eroticism and/or sexual interaction, and really enjoys facilitating workshop spaces where people can learn and practice the communication skills they need to ask for the things they actually want, and say no to the things that they don’t want ~ both during the workshop and in their everyday lives.

Lana is also a member of Queer Therapists Victoria, and is currently organising regular monthly meetups at Hares & Hyenas for QTV members.

Lana is a queer femme non-binary person, and their pronouns are they/them & theirs.-

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