Meg Sattler

Foreign aid is a right, not a gift. Benevolence is not enough.

Meg Sattler

Humanitarian Affairs expert

Specialty Areas

Foreign Affairs and Trade

About Me

Meg Sattler is a change maker and senior specialist in Humanitarian Accountability and Innovation with a focus on systems reform. She has worked as a global advisor on community engagement to United Nations OCHA, UNICEF, the UN World Food Programme and the CDAC and Start Networks. She is an expert Communication with Communities deployee with RedR Australia, associate of the Humanitarian Advisory Group and sits on the Advisory Board for ELRHA’s Humanitarian Innovation Fund. Prior to working at global policy level Meg held senior humanitarian management NGO roles in Haiti, Pakistan and throughout the Middle East with a focus on Syria and Iraq. She has also worked on local refugee outreach in Melbourne. She has postgraduate degrees in Humanitarian Management and Journalism and her writing and photography have been used by institutions globally. Meg has spoken at dozens of conferences and events on the international aid system and the action required to make it more fit-for-purpose. Meg lives between Europe and Castlemaine, Australia.


Bachelor of Arts
Grad-cert of Humanitarian Leadership
MA of Journalism

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