Pauline Truong

Innovator. Trailblazer. Globalizer.

Pauline Truong

Lawyer, Founder/Innovator & GlobePreneur

About Me

A Hall of Fame, Trailblazing Women & Law, Portrait Gallery and Honorable Order recipient, White House Guest of Honor Hon. Pauline Truong (, an ex-refugee from Vietnam, has had many years of experience as an international Lawyer, GlobePreneur, Innovator, Founder and Advisor with a track record of awards in many countries (

As an Innovator, Founder, Lawyer and active global citizen, Pauline was awarded an Honorable Order (USA) for her global innovation, leadership and contribution – a prestigious honor commissioned to such distinguished leaders as Presidents Clinton, Reagan, Bush, Johnson; PM Churchill and America’s first person in space, John Glenn.

Pauline is the first Australian woman to be inducted into the UN Task Force on Innovation, to co-author a book with the UN on innovation/global entrepreneurship, to serve as a judge for various UN and other innovation competitions and lead winners to Silicon Valley (USA) to further their global innovation/entrepreneurship journey.

Pauline is also a Global Adviser to famous Public Figures, frequent Keynote speaker and guest lecturer at international universities and other professional events worldwide.

She is featured on major mainstream media globally, including many cover stories on prominent magazines. Pauline has also been featured in the Who’s Who in the World, in a book on career makeovers and how to reinvent your success abroad, and others.

As a Young Ambassador and lawyer, she worked with the United Nations and Global Leaders on UN Conventions, human rights and diversity issues.

Pauline was the first Vietnamese-Australian to be awarded the prestigious Justice Lionel Murphy International Postgraduate Award to complete her postgraduate studies at UCLA Law School (USA), after a period of international legal practice. She completed her Science/Law degrees at Melbourne Law School and Melbourne University, and continues her education journey at Ivy League schools in the USA.

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