Louisa Keck

Human Connection, Leadership and Facilitation Specialist

Louisa Keck

Facilitator and Keynote Speaker

About Me

I am an experienced Facilitator and Coach with almost a decade’s experience working with individuals and groups to overcome challenges and get the most out of work and life. As a trained leader and communicator, I have a passion for human connection and never-ending learning. Based in Melbourne, working with clients across Australia and beyond.

I am the National Manager of Wake by Reach, a social enterprise powering The Reach Foundation’s work with young people. At Wake, we believe in the power of human connection. We work with teams across corporate Australia and across the sporting, government, and university sectors, to help individuals get the most out of work. With connection the pillar underlying everything we do, we craft experiences that allow people to explore who they are and how they show up at work and in the world.


Bachelor of Communications (Professional Communication) RMIT University
Graduate of Sixteenth Street Acting School Part Time Program
Accredited Senior Facilitator - The Reach Foundation
Juris Doctor Candidate - The University of Melbourne

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