Mayio Konidaris

"All humans have the right to be their personal best!"

Mayio Konidaris

Mental Health Social Worker, Family Therapist, Researcher & Cultural Psychiatry Activist

About Me

Mayio Konidaris is an experienced mental health social worker and family therapist, with over 27 years in the field.
Mayio has worked extensively in the public mental health field in a range of clinical, consultation and leadership roles across all age groups. She is particularly passionate in advocating for a sustainable workforce in mental health, and providing a supportive leadership style towards her colleagues. Mayio is also motivated by social justice and equality principles. This is particularly in relation to marginalised culturally diverse communities and ensuring quality service access and equity concerns are addressed, which has also influenced her PhD research project focused on evaluating ‘Cultural Humility in Mental Health Service Provision.’ Mayio is also passionate about the role of ‘mother tongue’ and heritage language acquisition and appreciation in school environments in terms of its association with positive self-identity, and ultimately positive mental health in young Australians from minority backgrounds.


Bachelor of Social Science
Bachelor of Social Work
Graduate Diploma of Family Therapy
Master of Health Sciences (Family Therapy)
PhD Candidate (Social Work)

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