Catherine Marty

TRTP Practitioner and Therapist. Fast, effective and empowering hypnotherapy.

Catherine Marty

TRTP Practitioner and Counsellor

About Me

After seeing as much of the world as possible, and my world view changed by volunteer projects in Thailand and Cambodia, I ventured into my next life stage as a mental health practitioner, then a family violence specialist and trainer. This work has given me the priviledge of working with incredible people from all walks of life, all of them wanting to heal, to be safe, to live their best life.

This work also took me on an unexpected journey of my own mental illness which gave me first hand experience of the daily struggle, the isolation, the fear that it will never get any better.

I shifted between psychologists, self care plans were created and then recreated, hope was lost, found and then lost again; I just couldn’t find the help to find sustainable change.

Then I found TRTP – The Richards Trauma Process, and it changed everything. I experienced such incredible change that I decided to become a practitioner myself, and I can’t wait to welcome you on this amazing journey with me.

Have you experienced trauma? Family violence? Bullying? I can help you with that. TRTP is 3 sessions of life changing hypnotherapy either face to face in Melbourne or over Zoom, anywhere. It’s fast, effective and empowering. Sounds a bit too good to be true? Check out my website for more information and book your free 30 minute consultation today.

My aim of Dare to Change Therapies is to help women not only recover from trauma and stress, but to be empowered, lifted up, get to know who they truly are and take on the world!


Diploma of Counselling

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