Telia Nevile

Emotional, intelligent, tongue-in-cheek theatre

About Me

Telia Nevile is a writer, performer and photographer who loves long-form language, dance movies and playlists that shift from Jay Z to Megadeth and back again. Her latest solo show, ‘Poet Vs Pageant’, won the 2015 Melbourne Fringe Best Emerging Writer award before going on to seasons at the 2016 Adelaide Fringe, the 2017 Castlemaine State Festival and the 2017 St-Ambroise Montreal Fringe Festival. Recent appearances also include the 2016 Melbourne Emerging Writer’s Festival, Melbourne Theatre Company’s 2015 Neon Season, the 2014 Sydney Writers’ Festival and the 2014 Indianapolis Fringe. Her ode to 1980s teen movie director John Hughes is published in the Women of Letters compendium ‘Between Us’.

‘An unmissable treat’ The Age
‘A writer and actor who is a master of both crafts’ Indianapolis Examiner
‘Expect quick wit and remarkable modern poetry’ The Indianapolis Monthly
‘Five stars. Forty of the cleverest, funniest minutes you’re likely to experience’ Adelaide Theatre Guide
‘It’s a tongue-in-cheek, lump-in-throat affair… Poet Laureate Telia Nevile is one of the more sophisticated and imaginative comedians working’ Things Half-Known

To find out more about Telia you can visit her profile on FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram @poetlaureatetn.


Bachelor of Arts, Fine Art Photography, First Class Honours, RMIT
Graduate Diploma, Animateuring, VCA

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