Repa Patel

Our life's purpose comes from using our unique strengths.

Repa Patel

Executive Coach, Public Speaker, Author, Facilitator

About Me

Often referred to as a mindful leadership expert, Repa is an executive coach, facilitator and public speaker, working with leaders to implement change, through meaning and purpose.

With significant corporate leadership experience, particularly in legal and finance, Repa is able to blend a seasoned operational perspective with her strong coaching expertise to help leaders find a deeper purpose from the inside out.

Her training and professional focus have shifted in recent years from legal, operational, and strategic leadership to executive coaching, speaking and facilitating positive business leadership. Repa has a degree in law and studied with Appreciative Inquiry co-founder, Professor Ron Fry, to gain university certification in Appreciative Inquiry and Positive Business and Society Change.

She works at the intersection of neuroscience, positive psychology and yoga philosophy (mindfulness) to inspire holistic transformation in the minds, bodies and spirits of her clients.

Repa coaches her clients through a spectrum of personal and professional change including: career transition and management to secure highly attractive roles, improve workplace well being and culture to enhance business outcomes and implement business strategies to drive better business results.

Clients have commented on Repa’s (rare and gifted) ability to communicate authentically, think creatively, and facilitate meaningful change in environments that are rapidly transforming, challenging, and highly emotional.
This disarming combination of humility, drive, and compassion, are qualities Repa uses in her coaching to help clients discover a deep-centred awareness in their career and personal lives.

Her clients describe her approach as calming, consistent, no-nonsense, supportive, precise, and inspiring resulting in significant business impact.

Sought after in the media, Repa was recently interviewed by CEO Magazine, ABC NEWS TV and others. Repa is committed to working with leaders to connect them with their passions, gain clarity and focus in their business or careers.

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