Aviva Minc

Infinite possibilities - this is where your journey starts. It is when you discover, it is when you're most inspired.

Aviva Minc

Visual Storyteller & Graphic Designer

About Me

In 2010 I Co-Founded Agent Morphe and am one of the Creative Directors & Visual storytellers within that creative business, a two-women team located in the inner northern suburbs of Melbourne.

I love creating meaningful visual stories that touch people’s lives, through graphic design, photography and film.

With over eight years of experience in the industry of all things storytelling. I am also a minimalist. In late 2018 we launched a blog to provide a platform to tell the stories of inspiring women around the world through photography stories.agentmorphe.com.au

My passion is to create visual artwork both as print and online publications, photographs and videos.

I am extremely passionate about continuing to grow as a creative and utilising my visual storytelling and graphic design skills to make a difference to the lives of others. To do work around equality, gender, sexuality, women’s rights, domestic violence prevention, suicide prevention, sexual assault and more. My own life experiences draws me towards work with meaning, work that is about change, equality and social justice. Work that contributes to making our world a safer place for women.

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