Marieke Brugman

Conscience and Consciousness Inform my Work, Play and Passions

Marieke Brugman

International Travel

About Me

Marieke had a young career as an academic Art Historian. Her second career was as innovator in food and hospitality. Her current career is in international travel with a focus on India and Europe. Living in a rural community for 25 years meant social activism focusing on the arts, women’s voice, environment and social change. Marieke has extensive experience on committees including the VWT Board, as a chairperson, a mediator and facilitator across subjects as broad as food politics, community development and women’s issues. She also has extensive experience as a public speaker, teacher, mentor, and presenter in the media.

Current philosophical practice:

“Living in a heightened state of self-knowing where past regrets are resolved and hurts forgiven. Remaining open to change, new experiences and to love. Staying connected to family friends, community and nature. Trusting instincts, giving gratitude for life, devoting an hour a day to self, learning, laughing, living and ageing gracefully with compassion.”

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