Amanda Xiaoqing Mao PhD

Amanda Mao, Medical Writer & Translator

Amanda Xiaoqing Mao PhD

Medical Writer & Translator

Specialty Areas

Health and Medical

About Me

Amanda Mao is a B2B Chinese English Medical Writer and Translator based in Melbourne. She is the Founder of Acurit Medical Communications.

After migrating to Australia in 2015, Amanda realises that with increasing health business exchanges between Australia and China, there are ever-growing needs for professional medical writers and translators, who are well versed in English and Chinese, as well as experts in the medical and health fields. Acurit Medical Communications was born under this context.

Amanda’s primary focus is to help Australian and global companies dossiers ready, so their nutritional products and medical devices can be registered with the Chinese government. As a result, health foods are ready to be sold in brick and mortar stores in China.

Before settling in Australia, Amanda worked in China for eight years in medical and clinical affairs, which means she understands both Chinese and Australian healthcare as an insider. Before that, she studied in the US for her doctoral degree in Biochemistry.

Amanda is also pro bono Co-Founder at Melbourne Healthcare Drinks. She helps to periodically organise talks, panel discussions and networking events on Australia-China medical and health topics.


PhD in Biochemistry from the Universtiy of Missouri - Columbia; Master of Science in Biochemistry from Nanjing University (China); Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy from China Pharmaceutical University.

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