Adrienne O’Neil

Behaviour Change, Medical Research, Epidemiology, Equity, Trauma

About Me

Dr Adrienne O’Neil is a Senior Research Fellow & Heart Foundation Future Leader at the Melbourne School of Population Health, University of Melbourne. Dr O’Neil leads a research program dedicated to investigating the interplay between mental health and the cardiovascular system, with a focus on depression, trauma, gendered violence and stress in both the onset and trajectory of CVD. In addition to her epidemiological and behavioural medicine research and teaching activities, she is a provisional Men’s Behaviour Change Practitioner which sees her working with groups of men who use family violence. In 2014, she completed a post doctorate at Stanford University’s Laboratory of Behavioral Science where she focused on ways to harness digital technologies to improve the management of heart disease and common co-morbidities like mental disorders. Dr O’Neil currently has over 90 publications and approx 3 million dollars of NHMRC, Heart Foundation and other funding, including Category 1 personnel funding from 2009-2021.


BA (Hons) (Psychology, Sociology)
Grad Cert (Male Family Violence)
PhD (Public Health)

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