Marnie Ireland she/her

Water yer talkin' about? Have a crack!

Marnie Ireland she/her

Programme Manager Economic Development

About Me

My career demonstrates a consistent and focused commitment to the provision of services that secure sustainably thriving communities. Having dedicated my professional life to facilitating collaborative strategic planning processes that effectively engage with key stakeholders and communities, I have built a reputation as an agent of change with strong organisational design capability. I inspire a collaborative approach to evidence-based solutions, particularly in integrated water resources management, community-based planning and Indigenous economic development. A skilled and natural leader, I have a proven record for developing strategic direction and creating a shared sense of purpose by demonstrating how elements of strategy fit together to contribute to higher level goals.

My key strengths lie in my ability to leverage my deep technical knowledge with strategic engagement abilities across diverse cultural groups. Recognising that Aboriginal cultural issues need to be approached with support, respect, knowledge and dignity, I actively seek the most contemporary and deep understanding possible. This means recognising my own limitations and deferring to the experience of First Nations people themselves.


B.Eng (Environmental) Hons.
MBA (Strategic Communications)
PhD (suspended) Freight logistics in remote communities

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