Fabiola Campbell

If she can see it she can be it

Fabiola Campbell

Founder and Mentor at Professional Migrant Women

About Me

Fabiola Campbell is the founder and principal mentor at the Professional Migrant Women Group, an organisation created with the aim to reduce the gap between migration and professional employment for women in Australia.

Fabiola is passionate about the role of women in our society and their humanistic leadership qualities. She believes in creating significant connections that builds strength in our differences, values our uniqueness and includes our rich and culturally diverse community.

As a professional migrant herself, Fabiola felt frustrated for not being able to get the jobs that she was qualified to do. Her lack of extended personal support, professional networks and knowledge about the recruitment process in Australia, made it very difficult for her to break into the job market. As she developed those skills and networks over the years, Fabiola is now able to assist others to develop the skills and knowledge that they need to approach the Australia job market with confidence.

Fabiola is experienced and talented in human behaviour, community service and training and development, having worked in the community sector both in Australia and overseas.

Fabiola is enthusiastic, creative, resourceful and resilient. She sees opportunities where others see challenges and enjoys the process of creating new possibilities. She has learnt to be the hero of her own life by identifying, embracing and celebrating her unique gifts and sharing them with the world.


BA in Criminology, Cert IV in Training and Assessment and on Personal Coaching, and MBA.

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