Prathiba Subramaniam

Clinical Child and Family Therapist

About Me

Prathiba is a trained clinical family therapist and dyadic psychotherapist. She has dedicated the last 17 years to working with complex trauma recovery for children (aged 6 to 24 years) for First Nations families and families who come from non-western cultural backgrounds, in regional, rural and remote Australia. Her sector experience comes from carrying roles as practice advisor, clinical manager, cross cultural trainer and consultant, and therapist within community mental health, correction, sexual exploitation, settlement and child protection services.

She runs a consulting service to bridge mental health practice gap in child/youth mental health treatments between the western model of assessing emotional conditions and non-western societal expressions and experiences of emotions and wellbeing.


Masters in Clinical Family Therapy
Clinically trained in Dyadic Psychotherapy
Postgraduate in Child Counselling and Psychotherapy
Bachelors in Civil Eng, Masters in Env. Eng.

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