Dr Tjanara Goreng Goreng

Tjanara's purpose is to heal all the relationships between all peoples with each other, the Earth and the Higher Being. She is the Founder of One INMA Global and the Foundation for Indigenous Recovery & Development, Aust. (FIRDA)

Dr Tjanara Goreng Goreng

Transformational Philosopher

About Me

Tjanara Goreng Goreng is the Chair and Founder of One INMA Global an Indigenous transformational leadership company combining western and First Nations knowledge systems in co-creating sacred leaders. Tjanara is also the Founder with her Aboriginal sisters of the Foundation for Indigenous Recovery & Development, Aust.(FIRDA) and Indigenous NGO that advocates for cultural recovery & healing services for Indigenous peoples and education of non-indigenous professionals in the therapeutic fields. Tjanara is also a transformational leadership consultant, academic research scholar, author, First Nations artist, traditional performer and ngungkari
( traditional Aboriginal medicine person) and a Traditional custodian of Wakka Wakka Wulli Wulli knowledge. Tjanara has had a diverse career as an academic at five Australian Universities, the Australian College of Applied Psychology and a senior executive leadership roles in the Australian Public Service, the NSW and QLD Public Services and as the Director of Aboriginal Education at the University of Melbourne and Charles Sturt University. Tjanara became a manager at the age of 31 years and became interested in family systems theory, recovery from acculturation, colonization, decolonization, political activism, leadership development, advocacy for social justice and creativity for healing and recovery. Tjanara experienced two transformational events in her life through Indigenous ceremonial life that set her on her life’s purpose, first to build a bridge between cultures and secondly to heal all humans’ relationships with each other, the Earth and the Higher Being. Tjanara has practised and taught Aboriginal Cultural Law and Spirituality and meditation and yoga for 33 years and is a mother, soon to be grandmother, social scientist, counsellor, community development practitioner, pyschotherapist, transformational leadership consultant and now runs Aboriginal Women’s Business Gatherings for non-indigenous women and Sacred Leadership talks in Australia and overseas. Tjanara has worked in India, Mexico, Italy, France, the USA, Canada and Australia in her 42 year career. Tjanara is the author of “A Long Way from NoGo’ her autobiography published by Wild Dingo Press with co-author Julie Szego based on her David Unaipon finalist novel The Red Earth and will publish her PhD in 2019 as The Road to Eldership – the Journey to Sacred Leadership. Tjanara considers herself a transformational philosopher.


PhD Australian National University
Masters of Social Administration (Comm.Dev.) University of Queensland
Post.Graduate Diploma in Management Melbourne Business School, University of Melbourne
Grad. Cert. Social Science (Couns.) Australian Catholic University

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