Jessamy Gleeson

Academic and activist, with a penchant for wrangling feminists.

Jessamy Gleeson

Academic and activist

About Me

Jessamy is a passionate feminist activist, academic, and social media manager. She has her fingers in a lot of pies – she’s a project manager, researcher, producer, and writer. Jessamy completed her PhD at Swinburne University, with a specific focus on contemporary feminist activism in social media spaces. She also works at RMIT University, examining the effects of image-based sexual abuse.

Outside of this she is also a feminist wrangler, and manages a number of incredible feminists through her business, Bossy Management. She’s worked on a number of feminist events and campaigns, including SlutWalk Melbourne, Girls On Film Festival, and Cherchez La Femme. Jessamy is available for consultation and management enquiries, public speaking opportunities, and feminist soul searching.


PhD (Gender studies and media)
Grad Cert (Learning and Teaching)
B. Arts (Hons, first class)

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