Jeanette Large

CEO of Women’s Property Initiatives

About Me

Jeanette Large is the CEO of Women’s Property Initiatives (WPI). WPI creates new beginnings for women facing homelessness and houses over 200 women and children around Melbourne.

With a Bachelor of Behavioural Science and a Graduate Diploma in Business Management, Jeanette has extensive experience in the housing sector from running refuges and local housing groups to management roles in government departments. Jeanette has worked in youth housing and led a support service for homeless women.

By working innovatively with public, corporate and non-government partners, Jeanette has increased the organisation’s size and influence. A licensed real-estate agent, she helped establish a social enterprise, Property Initiatives Real Estate, as a revenue stream for WPI.

Jeanette’s vision is to help disadvantaged women regain their independence by providing good-quality, safe, appropriate, inclusionary and secure housing. By providing this basic human need, Jeanette believes this will help break the cycle of intergenerational poverty, decrease public spending on welfare services and increase individual investment, once women have rebuilt their lives.

Jeanette is a member of the board of the Community Housing Federation of Victoria, is on the Diversity Committee of the Property Council of Australia and is on the Victorian Branch Committee of the Australasian Housing Institute. She is compassionate, an advocate, inspired by women, a feminist, collaborative, and innovative.


Bachelor of Behavioural Science;
Graduate Diploma, Business Management

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