Deanne Carson

Our goal is to create culture change where young people are empowered to create respectful relationships where autonomy, rights and responsibilities are upheld by all, regardless of gender, sexuality or other intersections of power and privilege.

Deanne Carson

Relationship, sexuality & abuse prevention speaker and educator

About Me

Deanne is a leading Australian relationship and sexuality educator, researcher, speaker, author and ultimate keeper of a straight face when dispelling children’s misconceptions about bodies and baby making.
Deanne specialises in LGBTIQA issues, gender equity, how young people use the internet to explore and express sexuality, and creating community change to end childhood sexual abuse.
Deanne has been featured on SBS Insight on creating #consentculture and is often sought for comment by print and radio media.
Deanne is co-founder of Body Safety Australia, providing positive relationship, sexuality and body safety education to schools and communities across Victoria and NSW.


Cert IV in training and education
Diploma in Professional Writing and Editing

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