Rev. Helen Summers

Interfaith Minister

About Me

Helen is an interfaith minister who was ordained in the cathedral of St John the Divine in New York 1997.

She founded The Interfaith Centre of Melbourne in 2000.  She served as Chair of the Arts and Culture Committee and board member of the Melbourne Parliament of the World’s Religions in 2009.

In her former profession, Helen was a lecturer in Australian universities including RMIT and Bond University, teaching English language and educational methodologies. She was Head of the Learning Assistance Centre at the Sydney College of Advanced Education where she co-developed courses with the Centre for Aboriginal History and Culture.

With her interest in the arts, and her studies in world religions and spiritualities, Helen brings together these qualifications and experience to create interfaith events and programs which aim to bring about more understanding and respect for people of all faith traditions and people who state they are spiritual, but not religious.

She volunteers as a chaplain with the VCC-Emergencies Ministry and interfaith chaplain at RMIT Brunswick.

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