Leigh Mathews

Consultant, founder, speaker, child protection expert.

Leigh Mathews

Founder & Principal Consultant

About Me

Leigh is a highly experienced consultant with over 14 years diverse experience across Australia and Asia in child rights and child protection.

Leigh is a recognised expert in the issues of institutionalisation, residential care of children, and voluntourism.

Highly regarded for her ability to deliver strategic outcomes for clients, she has deep experience in child rights and child protection, non-profit management, project design and management, social enterprise, and philanthropy, and a strong interest in the intersection between innovation, development, business and philanthropy

Leigh is the founder of ALTO Global Consulting, working closely with clients from the philanthropic, non-profit, corporate and government sectors globally to ensure that all children are protected from harm. She provides expert technical advisory services on issues impacting children, with a special interest in children living outside of family care.

Leigh is the CoFounder of ReThink Orphanages: Better solutions for children, a cross sector initiative that works to prevent the unnecessary institutionalisation of children overseas by shifting the way Australia engages with overseas aid and development.

At the age of 23, Leigh founded a successful non-profit organisation, Future Cambodia Fund, delivering innovative community development solutions to Cambodia’s most marginalised communities. She has worked in a diverse range of areas including human rights, homelessness, disability, and the protection of children from trafficking, abuse and violence.

She has a deep interest in impact investing, social impact, ethical philanthropy, social enterprise and and corporate social responsibility.

Leigh is the recipient of the Victorian Young Australian of the Year Award 2009, the Australian Leadership Award 2009, and the JCI Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the World Award (Human Rights and World Peace) 2009. She holds a Postgraduate Certificate in Business Administration and is a 2014 alumni of the Asialink Leaders Program run by the University of Melbourne.

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