Linda Kader

Passionate about mind, contemplative neuroscience. Stand by for actions against climate change, gender equity, diversity & inclusion.

Linda Kader

Psychiatrist, Psychodynamic & Contemplative Psychotherapist, Academic, Mindfulness Teacher

Specialty Areas

Health and Medical

About Me

Linda is a psychiatrist & psychotherapist based in Melbourne, Australia. She currently works at The Royal Melbourne and The Royal Children’s Hospitals. She has extensive clinical experience through public and private settings in Melbourne. Her areas of expertise include Early Intervention in Youth, Adult Psychiatry and Psychotherapy. She also has an Honorary Senior Fellow appointment at the Department of Psychiatry, University of Melbourne.

Linda served as a Clinical Lead at the world-renowned Orygen Youth Health in Melbourne and demonstrated extraordinary clinical skills, commitment and engagement towards providing patient care. Her academic interest later saw her take up the role of Deputy Dean at The Northern Clinical School, Faculty of Medicine Dentistry & Health Sciences, University of Melbourne. She continues to enjoy teaching undergraduate students and trainees.

Linda is committed to bring psychotherapeutic models of appreciating struggles of the minds in a deeper humanistic manner alongside evidence-based biological models of illnesses. Linda is trained both in Psychodynamic and Contemplative (Buddhism-based) Psychotherapy to assist her patients, when appropriate, with their difficulties. She was involved at Orygen Youth Health for over a decade and conducted clinical research in psychosis and remains passionate about research & innovation in Psychiatry.



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