Anna Go-Go

Mass dance master, inspirational leader, charismatic speaker, all round entertainer

About Me

Anna is a well-known performer, comedian, producer, writer, and dance instructor. She is an inspirational mass dance master, speaker, and leader.

Anna is the founder of Australia’s premier alternative dance school, Anna’s Go-Go Academy. Focusing on the greatest fad dances of history (from the Twist to Thriller and beyond), in the last 11 years Anna has taught the greatest dance crazes of history to over 40,000 people.

She is an inspirational leader, a charismatic speaker, an advocate for equality, and is passionate about inspiring positive change.

She is known as Australia’s mass dance master as she is renowned for her unique ability to mobilise huge crowds in impromptu mass dance events, like her epic White Night dance class for a record breaking 15,000 people. Anna’s specialty is mobilising large groups of people in joyous impromptu dance magic. In 2017 her dance army went viral after they danced at the International Women’s Day March in Melbourne, and the image was screened on TV news all over the world and reprinted in newspapers from the UK to the Middle East and the US.

Anna is available for corporate events, festivals, speaking engagements, conferences, and more. She is a gifted entertainer, a charismatic speaker, and a guaranteed party starter. Her legendary combination of dance, comedy, engagement, and social commentary is unique, and her ability to work with and entertain diverse groups is renowned.

She is passionate about the benefits of dance and has dedicated herself to bringing the joy of dance to people of all walks of life as she believes fervently that active engagement in the arts and music and dance can change people’s lives, as it has changed the lives of many of her students. Her classes were revolutionary, and while nothing like them existed when she started, many others have now followed her lead, attracting more creative and alternative options to the market, breaking down barriers and equalising the dance space for all people, no matter their size, shape or ability.

Anna’s classes were described by Time Out Melbourne magazine as “One of the 101 things you must do in Melbourne before you die’.

She has fans all over the world, including being profiled on a French TV documentary as a unique Melbourne attraction, as well as many other TV shows, and in countless newspaper and magazine articles. Her annual mass Thriller dance regularly makes the TV news. She has appeared on ABC TV, Channels 9 and 10, in The Age, Herald Sun and The Australian newspapers, featured in The Age Sunday Life and M magazines, Time Out Melbourne, and Melbourne’s ABC774, Triple J, Triple M, Gold 104.3 FM, Nova FM, RRR, and PBS radio stations and many more.

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