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Lola is one of Australia’s most experienced Aboriginal broadcasters. For 18 years she was the Executive Producer/Presenter of the Aboriginal Program at SBS Radio.

Lola is a Yuwibara Woman of Mackay Central Queensland and Australian South Sea islander family from Vanuatu/Maliata.

She believes that knowledge is strength and will continue to help in the struggle for Aboriginal self-determination. For the last two years she has been the host of Black Chat on Koori Radio’s news and current affairs program. She is co-host on the World Music program Roots Music on NITV.

Lola was chairperson for Bangarra Dance Theatre throughout its first six years. She has run cultural awareness training programs with the community and corporate sector across Australia. Lola gives of her time speaking at many events informing and educating peoples about Aboriginal Australia whether it be locally, nationally, as well as internationally. Lola continues her work with SMTW as a Board Member.

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