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Gemma Hardie

they name the most powerful storms after women for a reason

Gemma Hardie

Fundraising, marketing and management professional

About Me

I am a not-for-profit specialist and director, with key areas of expertise in revenue growth, stakeholder management, marketing and communications strategies. With over 20 years experience in a range of local and international agencies, I have a proven track record of delivering strong income growth and strategic marketing in complex, not-for-profit environments.

I’m a focused fundraiser, with an emphasis on individual giving, legacies and major gifts. I have a talent for successfully analysing critical organisational requirements, identifying potential opportunities and turning them into concrete funding sources. I work with Boards and CEOs to develop investment plans to diversify revenue and achieve sustainable funding.

I bring a strong commercial focus to agencies, helping to prioritise tasks and maximise expenditure.

I demonstrate exceptional communications and relationship management abilities, and have worked across a number of charity re-brands. I have led national and local PR campaigns, and developed digital capabilities for a number of organisations. I have delivered strong marketing campaigns to acquire new clients, volunteers or donors.

I’m also a committed advocate for the not-for-profit sector, and am passionate about community engagement and mobilisation. With a strong background in volunteer management, advocacy and public education activities, I am experienced in working on mufti-faceted campaigns and appeals.

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