Sheena Vaughan

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Sheena Vaughan

Registered doctor of Chinese medicine

About Me

“It is my professional mission to help people free themselves from pain, stress, and helplessness. I achieve this by listening, being honest and empowering people to take control.”

Sheena Vaughan is a qualified and experienced acupuncturist and businesswoman and has been running her own successful acupuncture practice since 2006.

Through combining her skills as a therapist and a businesswoman, she has been able to lead and mentor graduates of Chinese medicine towards rewarding careers in their areas of expertise.

She has a passion for helping new business owners achieve their goals, and in particular helping Chinese medicine practitioners reach their full potential, and earn a great living from their craft.

She has studied in Melbourne at the Australian College of Natural Medicine and completed a clinical internship in China at the Guanxi Traditional Chinese Medicine College.

Through her clinical experience, she has developed a method of treatment which adapts the ancient art of Chinese acupuncture and massage to the modern lifestyle. She believes that any form of health care should first begin with addressing the source of the problem and how it is affecting other aspects of one’s physical, spiritual and emotional state. This holistic approach to treatment provides a simple, yet highly effective healthcare solution that can be utilized by people of all ages and walks of life.


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