Melissa Lewis

My greatest pleasure is assisting talented, driven women be even more successful by elevating their Executive Presence.

Melissa Lewis

Executive Presence, Brand and Image Specialist

About Me

Melissa Lewis is a speaker, high-performance mentor and Australia’s leading expert on ‘the power of a woman’s executive presence’.

She works with career-driven corporate and entrepreneurial women in male dominated environments to elevate their personal brand and executive presence. By helping uncover their blind spots, Melissa bridges the gap for women who have the credibility but may lack the visibility to achieve the success they deserve.

In recent years, Melissa has worked alongside leaders from such organisations as KPMG, EY, Bendigo Bank, Telstra, CBUS Superannuation, Hall & Wilcox, ShineWing Australia, to name but a few.

Melissa has also designed her own proprietary PQ™ diagnostic tool and Principles of Presence Framework to assist women with their commercial demeanour, professional brand and executive style.

As a speaker, Melissa offers a distinctive voice in the business performance space. A refreshing blend of entertainment, science-based data and real-world experiences, her presentations unveil the specific dimensions of executive presence – the mysterious X factor of leadership.

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