Jeanette Cheah

Entrepreneur, Innovator, Ecosystem Engineer

About Me

Jeanette is Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder of The Hacker Exchange, a service connecting the next generation of Aussie entrepreneurs to Silicon Valley.

Her passion for community building, inspiring creativity, connecting people to growth opportunities and empowering young founders also takes shape through teaching at General Assembly and university accelerators, and she’s a returning speaker at Melbourne Knowledge Week.

Prior to this, Jeanette spent over 14 years working at some of Australia’s largest corporations, specialising in marketing, product development, strategy and digital innovation.

An advocate for diversity and education, Jeanette serves as an Ambassador for the entrepreneurial women of Like Minded Bitches Drinking Wine, and co-created the Gingerbread Demolition non-profit event supporting Save the Children Australia.

Jeanette believes that the best results come from diversity of thinking, an abundance mindset, and a never-ending love of learning.


Post Grad. Integrated Marketing Communications
Bachelor of Economics
Bachelor of Sociology
UX Design

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