Geraldine Coy

Writer, Truth activist, Speaker, Leadership Development Coach, Diversity

About Me

Truth activist, author of Brave Truth the book, and developer of Brave Truth the board game which builds high performance teams through trust, Geraldine has been working with truth for much of her 30 year career.

Geraldine has worked in communities suffering great conflict and is passionate about the role of truth in the healing process.

She has held senior management roles accumulating experience in the introduction and management of change, leadership development, employer branding and employee engagement strategies.

Bringing her skills as a leadership development coach into her work with men and women, she has developed depth in the management of diversity.

Believing in truth as foundational to all human relationships, and their behavioural consequences, Geraldine brings energy, fortitude and compassion together with a deep understanding of values in practice to everyone she works with.

Geraldine was recently interviewed on ABC Radio about her board game, Brave Truth. Listen here


Degree in Clinical Psychology and Business executive Development Training( Leading Change and Organisational Renewal) through the Stanford and Harvard joint schools of business.

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