Carol Grimshaw

Equality, integrity, active risk management and advocacy drive my work

Carol Grimshaw

Principal, Founder & Advocate

About Me

Commencing legal practise on 30 March 2010, Carol Grimshaw worked in several small to medium sized Melbourne private client firms through to December 2013.

From instructing senior junior counsel in a three party family law trial on 31 March 2011, to running Supreme Court 10 day trials with three parties, and arguing implied waiver of legal professional privilege in large County Court disputes, to providing supporting research to Counsel that changed privacy law in Victoria, Carol’s career has been focussed on supporting community need. Having accomplished a Master of Laws (Applied Law), while working to senior associate level in all but title, Carol launched Grimshaw Legal in April 2018.

With a passion for assisting small business and individuals in minimising risk through a healthy understanding of their rights and duties, Grimshaw Legal is a full service sole practise firm excluding criminal law, conveyancing and personal injury. Grimshaw Legal is one firm in a tight network of boutique Melbourne practises meeting the legal needs of local clients at its client facing offices at Heidelberg, or at a location or by means that clients require.

Like her time acquiring education in business, law, legal studies, politics and history, and volunteering in the community legal sector, between 1993 to 2017, in the last 9 months, while working full time in the Melbourne legal services market, Carol has added passion projects and education to the role of principal of a boutique law practise.

As Chair of the Electronic Wills and Online Witnessing Committee, Carol leads a stellar team of experts in wills, probate and online signing and witnessing. This complements her work as a non-executive Board member of the Australasian Cyber Law Institute, the parent organisation of EWOWC. ACLI and EWOWC envisage a future where procedurally rigorous use of technology in the provision of legal services will enhance access to justice for clients of diverse background and need.

Carol is also Co-Founder of The Dear Sir(s) Project aimed at reducing inequality in the legal profession. With diverse interests and broad qualifications, Carol brings 25 years’ experience in and around the Melbourne legal profession – from private services to quasi- and government roles – to her work today. Carol considers herself fortunate to hold memberships with the Law Institute of Victoria, Australian Women Lawyers Association, Victorian Women Lawyers Inc, Women in Insolvency and Restructuring Victoria, and Femeconomy, to name a few that also maintain an interest in improving access to justice across all communities.


Master of Laws (Applied Law) (Com. Lit.) (College of Law)
Master of Laws (Legal Practice, Skills and Ethics) (Monash)
Bachelor of Legal Studies (La Trobe University)
Advanced Diploma of Business in Legal Practice (RMIT)
Small Business Recovery and Adaptation Course (NSW Tafe and sponsored by Westpac Banking Corporation).

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