Grace O’Brien PhD

Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it. (Santayana)

Grace O’Brien PhD

Lecturer & Researcher

About Me

Grace has worked in partnership with First Nations communities throughout Queensland for many years. She wishes to acknowledge and thank the Moreton Bay Murri Yarning Group and Mr Sid Doyle who were supportive in the completion of her PhD research. This research addressed the need for urgent educational reform to support the engagement of young First Nations males at school and prevent their over-representation in the juvenile justice system. Grace has worked across primary, secondary and tertiary education sectors to support an understanding and inclusion of First Nations perspectives and Knowledges within the education curriculum. She is a co-leader in the Centre for Inclusive Education – Australian Indigenous Knowledges & Perspectives, an affiliate member of the QUT Centre for Justice and the SECIE representative for the Faculty of Education’s, Equity Committee.


Doctor of Philosophy - UTS (CAIK): Master of Indigenous Education - Macquarie University: BA/BEd - QUT

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