Shabnam Safa

Another young woman fighting the status quo head on!

Shabnam Safa

A Millennial Multipotentialite

About Me

Shabnam is a visionary young woman who grew up as an Afghan refugee in Pakistan before she called Australia home at the age of 15. Alongside ‘parenting’ her family while starting a new life from scratch with semi-functional English and dealing with adolescence, she has persistently worked to positively shift the way our communities see and talk about a young, former refugee, woman of colour. Her passion to empower and motivate those around her to realise their potential, follow their aspirations and keep challenging traditional stereotypes and the status quo knows no bounds.

Having worked in Australia, India, America and Europe to promote education and global citizenship, she has co-founded two not for profit organisations helping refugees and asylum seekers in Australia and abroad. She has also earned her black belt in Karate and holds several national and international titles.

She strives to contribute towards achieving a more just and fairer world where we embrace our differences as our strength and not let them divide us; where things like someone’s choice of clothing, their gender, religion, country of birth, skin colour, accent, etc. do not determine their future and access to opportunities that are available to the rest of us.

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