Samantha Star

Vocalist, Artist & Animateur, a Wellness Therapist & Entrepreneur, Diversional Therapist, specialising in Dementia Care

About Me

Samantha Star is a mother of a beautiful girl and is passionate about women’s rights. Samantha is a classically trained vocalist, artist & animateur, a wellness therapist & entrepreneur, as well as a diversional therapist, specialising in dementia care.

Samantha is signed to VERSE (Equinox) records in Europe and co-creates uplifting Celtic trance music with producer InnerSync. She has previously creatively collaborated with The Eternal Choir, The Funky Angels (alongside Tanishka Tantrika/The Moon Woman), Ash Suntribe’s Svara Om project, Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule and the Mutation Parlour, Caiseal Mor’s the Dreaming Tree, Katherine Cunningham & Wendy Rule on the Temple of Blood-Women’s Mysteries CD, and recorded with Loka Nunda & Nina Hagan on devotional techno albums. She has performed in the Melbourne Fringe Festival with Gretel Taylor, Entropy & Bonsai Art Collectives & The Chapel of Change. Samantha has co-designed the soundtracks for films such as FAE-The secret world of Faeries with Hannah Titania.

Samantha is also a regular co-creator with Nel Mama Boho & The Birthing the Mother sacred performance art collective. Samantha has also independently released many original albums, working with Harry Williamson, Sai Potter, Chriss Thompson of JJJ radio, Ernie Oppenheimer. Samantha is the Music Director of Mermaid Music and works with Eilish de Avalon and performs live at many festivals such as the Rainbow Serpent Festival, the Seven Sisters Festival, the Coney Island Mermaid parade in New York, Prana Eco & Soundsplash Festivals in New Zealand & The Big Green Gathering in the UK just to name a few.

Samantha is also the Director of You are my Kind of Beautiful; a creative diversional and wellness therapy service that specialises in creative and caring workshops, wellness therapy and retreats as well as recreational respite care. Samantha  works at Kew Gardens Aged Care where she creates specialised tailored lifestyle and leisure events for the residents there. Previously Samantha was a wellness professional & foundation team member co-writing and facilitating the program at The Monastery, (of WISE Management services) a residential holistic wellness retreat in New Zealand specialising in the care of women experiencing the effects of trauma, stress or depression. Before that she worked as a day spa therapist & manager at several commercial day spas.


Bachelor of Arts (Performance Arts) - Victoria University
Graduate Certificate in Community Engagement and Cultural Development - The Victorian College of the Arts
Liturgical Scholar, Trinity College - The University of Melbourne

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