Heidi Nicholl

Ethicist and non-profit CEO

Heidi Nicholl

Ethicist & Chief Executive Officer

About Me

Originating from the north of England, Melbourne based ethicist Heidi Nicholl became CEO of Emerge Australia in early 2018. Emerge Australia provides information, education and advocacy for people with myalgic encephalomyelitis / chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS).

Heidi has a first degree in zoology following which she worked for almost ten years conducting basic laboratory science, ultimately specialising in fetal anatomy and the science of developmental biology. This culminated with her managing the Human Developmental Biology Resource (a fetal tissue bank) in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Following her PhD in Medical Ethics (in 2008) from City University in London Heidi split her time between teaching medical ethics at University College London medical school and lecturing in Healthcare Ethics at City University (effectively teaching medical students and consultant level medical training at one institution and teaching nurses and midwives at the other).

Heidi has taught medical ethics to professionals of all grades and seniority in medicine and allied fields including police, school teaching and army personnel. She relocated from the UK to the US in 2013 for a four year work period which included a period of time working as a Clinical Ethicist in a busy San Francisco hospital. Heidi has taught on the Summer Bioethics program at Yale University and is currently a member of the Royal Children’s Hospital clinical ethics committee.


PhD in Healthcare Ethics - City University London 2008
BSc Zoology and Associate of Royal College of Science - Imperial College London 1996

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