Heidi Nicholl

Ethicist & CEO of Humanists Australia

About Me

Originating from the north of England, Melbourne based ethicist Heidi Nicholl became CEO of Humanists Australia in 2021. Humanism is a worldview which gives guidance on how to lead a value based ethical life for non-religious people.

An experienced non profit leader Heidi has a strong background in science and ethics. A seasoned media performer and writer she has contributed to many national and international conferences as speaker and chairperson. She was a seminar lead in the Yale Center for Interdisciplinary Bioethics in 2016 where she taught feminist ethics.

Heidi has done ‘bedside ethics’ as a clinical neuro-ethicist in San Francisco and was the ethicist at the Royal Free Hospital in London during her time working at the UCL Medical School (2006-2013). She is currently a member of the Royal Children’s Hospital Clinical Ethics Committee, is a board member for Open Medicine Foundation Australia and was vice-chair of the Ross House Committee of Management between 2019 and 2021.


PhD in Healthcare Ethics - City University London 2008
BSc Zoology and Associate of Royal College of Science - Imperial College London 1996

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